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Tour of the Guinea Pig Palace

Well, it's been 2 months since we received our household goods shipment and I think what was the Guinea Pig Palace, is now transformed back to the Cherry Tree Cottage. So many of our family and friends wrote us to ask what we were thinking when we put an offer in on the pig farm. We had no good excuse really, but now, we love it and it is the perfect setting for our chapter abroad. We are not yet finished setting it up, that is how we have always been, it's a work in progress until the bitter end. I usually get the house just how I like it about 2 weeks before we are set to move again. Hoping one day we take a few details from the cottage to incorporate into our forever home.

Setting up this house was a joy even when it wasn't joyous. I have never understood those that say things like, "no need to put up curtains, we just move in a few years." No. Just no. I want it to feel like home as soon as possible, even if that means days of late nights hanging stuff while Zac curses my design plan. Who doesn't love a good bickering session amid hammers and levelers? It makes for film worthy slap stick comedy.

Bottom line: In this transitory life, I love the opportunity to redesign every few years. They ask military families to "bloom where we are planted." I want an evergreen garden overnight, because making a home, a safe haven for my people, is everything to this southern girl.

Enjoy the 10 cent tour of our English digs!



The Living Room/ River Table

The Living Room/ River Table

Common Room


Im in a Chef's Heaven.

Entry Way.

Dining Room.

This chair is going for a convertible couch for guests! Book your tickets!

Loads of Character in the Laundry Room

Office, Mud Room, Drop Zone


Asher's Room

The girls room

Bathroom 3- "The Estrogen Zone"

Our bedroom

Zacs very own bathroom. No more fights over the sink!


Baileigh Levée
Baileigh Levée
Nov 21, 2020

Thank you so much!!! I felt like this place had so much charm and I felt so safe instantly. It may be smaller but it’s perfectly English.


Looks amazing, Baileigh! Wish I had your skills. And I also wish I was living there too 😍 So charming.

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