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"It is Stupid Good"


Hasselback Potatoes

·      One bag of baby potatoes (1 Kg/2 Pounds)

·      Olive Oil (3 TBS)

·      Smoked Salt or Sea Salt to taste

·      Pepper to taste

·      Rosemary (optional)

·      Pyrex with a lid

Cheese Sauce

·      1 bag of Cheese (250 g/8 oz) Cheddar or Mozzarella

·      ¼ cup butter

·      ¼ cup flour

·      1 cup Vegetable Stock/Chicken Stock

·      1 ½ cups milk

·      More milk for consistency

·      Parsley

Note:  I like to use white cheddar with chicken stock and vegetable stock with cheddar just to keep a nice color.  Vegetable stock can be a little orange so it will color your sauce.


Cube your potatoes to bite size chunks and put them in your pyrex.  Drizzle with Olive Oil and season with salt, pepper and rosemary.  Put the lid on, and microwave for 10 minutes, stir then 10 minutes more.  The potatoes should be soft and steamy.

On the stove, brown your butter until it begins to bubble. (Medium High Heat) Add in your flour and stir continuously until it turns a golden color.  When its fragrant, add in the stock, the milk, and stir to combine.  Last, add in your cheese and continue to stir until its completely combined.  I like to pull it off the heat and work on the texture.  If you like it a little runny, add in milk and stir until the consistently is right.  I like it to be about the consistency of nacho cheese. 

Pour your cheese sauce over your potatoes and sprinkle with Parsley.

Worth every calorie and so good at midnight when everyone else is sleeping.

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