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Day Trip Must Haves: My Favorite Finds

We are living in a strange time. Most of us would agree that living through the Covid Pandemic has challenged us to rethink how we spend our time. I know that for me personally, realizing that I could not pick up and go as I liked, only made me want to get out and go that much more! So as we see certain areas begin to transition out of lockdown, (and hopefully stay out of lockdown), I am witnessing so many friends scratching that travel itch, even if it is just a lofty day trip. In that spirit, and in the spirit of the hope of many exciting adventures to come, I want to post my "Day Trip Must Haves." Full Disclaimer, I do not sell any of these products, nor am I paid by any of these companies. I just really like their stuff and I have come to rely on some of these products while out in London. So here is my list of must haves, links included:

1. Apps

If you need to get around the city, and you do not have personal transportation, I highly suggest Citymapper. You can put in your destination and choose which method best suits your time table and budget. Speaking of budget, when you do get to travel abroad, get the XE Currency Converter App to ensure you have the most up to date currency rates. With this crazy market, I sometimes check the app to see if it is a good day to forgo the shopping and just hit the park. Lastly, get the Yelp App. Its a great way to see the best food and entertainment options nearest you. I also find it much easier to organize your options by popularity and legitimate ratings. Note: many restaurants offer discounts if you write them a review. So you can save money too!

2. Good Shoes

Okay, I am not going to lie and say that I have not been that girl on the trip that brought nothing but heels to walk around a city on vacation. I am also not going to admit that I popped into a nail salon to beg for those flimsy foamy flip flops because I was in so much pain. Walking the streets of NYC in foamy flip flops was awesome and I looked so classy. You see the lesson here. PACK COMFORTABLE SHOES. Limping around bleeding is not a good look and does not go with your outfit I promise. Tennis shoes with jeans, shorts and even sun dresses is so "IN" right now, don't miss the chance to see the sights sans evil ankle blisters. I am linking my personal favorite, the Adidas Falcon Women's Trainers. After putting them on I told Zac I was never going to suffer in silence again. They are so comfortable and so easy to clean! (One Huggies baby wipe is all it takes.)

3. Strong Bag Game

Yes I carry two bags with me on day trips. Don't judge me. One bag, a fanny pack, in the front for business. Items like my lip gloss, phone, oyster card (metro card) and keys. The fanny pack is back y'all, with a vengeance! You know if Gucci and Louis Vuitton are jumping on the band wagon it is here to stay a bit, so you might as well buy your ticket and get on that train. I cannot afford Gucci, but I am obsessed with the Mark and Graham leather belt bag. So obsessed I bought it in two colors, and I monogramed it because I am so extra. With my business bag tucked away in the front, it leaves my party bag in the back! My favorite back pack, from Target, houses everything else on this must have list. And it is ready for shopping storage, kid water bottles and anything else I need throughout the day. They are sold out of my black and white version, but they are currently carrying this cute and trendy grey specimen. I may just pay that shipping!

4. Scarves, my trendy answer to a mask.

Some places ask you to wear a mask, some do not. All public transport is currently enforcing a mask so I decided to get clever and use some of my favorite scarves. I have several scarves patterned in leopard, hounds tooth and a smart cabana stripe. You can find them on Amazon, but most I found at H&M. At first sight, I thought I looked a bit like a wild west bank robber, but now I love picking out my scarf to accessorize my outfit. (All while having a ready-to-wear mask.) I think it is kind of a throw back to a classic period. Let's all take a page out of Audrey and Grace's book, shall we?!?

5. Snacks.

I did it. I used the dirty "S" word, that as I mother, I HATE HEARING. I am constantly fighting with my kids on the snacking front but I am losing that battle. Mostly because Zac also needs snacks or he is the least fun travel partner at about 11:00 am. So instead of fighting, I have started packing Luna Bars, fruit squeeze packs and mandarin oranges. The chocolate and coconut option... is making my mouth water just thinking about it. So maybe I am the problem?!

6. Sunnies

I might be related to Dracula, because my little baby eyes cannot handle the harsh sunlight. And even more importantly, I cannot afford those stress lines on my face. Aging is a bitch. Therefore, I believe a good pair of shades is an essential for a day trip. This is my favorite pair right now, from Quay, pronounced (KEE), as they cover almost half my face and so I don't feel so bad when I go out without make up. They have so many cute styles, but I have never seen this pair, called After Hours, look bad on anyone.

7. Momma Emergency Kit

I really don't care if you are momma or not, I keep this kit and just transfer it to what ever bag I am currently using. Go ahead, go to the store, locate the travel section and pack a small make up bag with these travel size items:

-Head Ache Medicine

-Hand Sanitizer


-Safety Pin

-Pony tail holder

-Wisps (for when your kid forgets to brush their teeth, yuck)

-Dry Shampoo



-Shout Pen

-Mini Sunscreen

-$10 cash

You will thank me later. I am always the girl that has that randomly needed item. Think of anything else I should add? Please leave it in the comments! I am also always looking for a good hack.

8. Reusable Bags

On every day trip, we have picked up a souvenir here, a pair of shoes there, we just always seem to need more bags by the time we are on the way home. I love these reusable bags by Baggu! These nifty bags fold up small, and fit right back into their square pouch. They are easily washable, spacious, and they come in some really fun prints! I have used them almost every day here. They would be great for a beach trip if that is on your agenda!

Hope this gave you the hankering for an adventure day! Share this post, like, or leave a comment if you have some great products to share. I am always on the hunt for products that make my life easier! As always you can subscribe below to hear more about our craziness.



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Gum! When Adam was little, he'd always get hungry when I wasn't around anything I could feed him. Gum made it better if I'd run out of snacks.


Hi Baileigh, I am soooo happy to hear about your adventures. I just , today, found out about your blog. I love hearing from, and about, you and your family. Please continue. I love seeing all the pictures, too, of you and the kids. Love and kisses to all of you. Cannot wait to read more from you. Aunt Judy


Baileigh Levée
Baileigh Levée
Aug 05, 2020

Oh my gosh! Had Mom only had wisps! LOL! The leather fanny pack is my absolute favorite functional thing I own right now... Its so easy.


Love the leather fanny packs! And the “whisps” remind me of one of your mom’s stories of Ashley sitting in the back seat on the way to school, insisting that scraping the gunk off her teeth with a fingernail would suffice!😂

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